Vina Sport Intertrade Co., Ltd.

Our company vision is to be the leading fitness solutions provider in Asia by introducing the latest fitness concepts, innovations and education with quality products to all fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, fitness centres, athletes, sports coaches, physiotherapists, hospitality, spas and military. To bring about the fullest potential of human performance and wellbeing. Everyone, young or old, athlete or beginner, is able to access cutting-edge, science-backed, data-driven health and wellness solutions and technologies which create the best environment for them to thrive. We are trust from World Leader brands such as Polar, Wattbike, Microgate, Arthinis

Our products and Services are Modern and widely used in foreign countries, the company provides the following services.

  1. Produce, import and distribute sports science equipment. And sports equipment under the leading brands from abroad.
  2. Consultancy, design, production, equipment, science, sports special. According to your needs
  3. Maintenance, maintenance, sports equipment, fitness and sports science equipment. By a team of skilled technicians.
  4. Provide consultancy services in the field of sports science research.

Hopefully, the company will have the opportunity to serve you on various occasions.

Thank you for your trust in our company.
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